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Create beautifully nostalgic slide shows with the Scrapbook Memories Powerpoint Template Collection, a gorgeous bundle of finely detailed PPT presentation sets including Camera Obscura, Retro Photo Album and Alchemist – three stunning, easily customizable Powerpoint presentation templates from Blixa 6 Studios.

Great for eBooks, digital photo albums, scrapbooks, slidedocs and creative presentations, these professionally designed Powerpoint templates are fully customizable and simple to use. Each set of designs comes with:

  • one-of-a-kind custom info graphics
  • hand made background textures
  • tons of elegant master slides
  • complete theme and template files
  • and many other powerful tools to help you tell a beautifully composed story

Here are some more details about this bundle…


The Camera Obscura Powerpoint Templates include:

  • 136 high definition master slides
  • 4 .pptx and.ppt files
  • 34 unique custom screen designs
  • Over 55 hand crafted collage elements as .jpg and .png files
  • 14 photo gallery layouts
  • Light and dark layouts for all lighting situations
  • Easily editable automatic data charts
  • Placeholders for images and embedded video
  • Uses free fonts all available online and linked from the first page of the Help Guide
  • Extensive user’s guide with tons of tips and resources

Get the Camera Obscura Powerpoint Templates here: Camera Obscura Powerpoint Templates

The Retro Photo Album Powerpoint Templates include:

  • 2 distinct album styles – antique black and vintage 1970’s dots
  • .PPTX, .PPT, .POTX, & .POT layouts in full HD scale
  • 72 unique master pages
  • 4 different cover pages and typographic styles to mix-and-match
  • 10 custom vintage photo frame styles included as transparent .pngs
  • tons of additional vintage ephemera for you to create your own collages
  • cool pre-styled charts designed to coordinate with the 2 design styles
  • uses free fonts easily accessed online and linked from the first page of the Help Guide
  • clearly written help guide as .pdf with links to all used fonts

Get the Retro Photo Album Powerpoint Templates here: Retro Photo Album PPT Template

The Alchemist Powerpoint Templates include:

  • 30 master slides
  • 3 .pptx and .ppt files
  • 3 .thmx files
  • 3 background textures – Dusty Chalkboard, Craft Paper & Midnight Blue Watercolor
  • Over 100 extra icons and graphics as separate .png files
  • 5 custom photographic frames
  • 35 hand made frames and lines graphics
  • Pre-styled automatic charts
  • Placeholders for images and embedded video
  • Extensive getting started guide with useful tips for using the template in live presentations

Get the Alchemist Powerpoint Templates here: Alchemist Powerpoint Templates


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